Can backsplash tile be installed over wallpaper?

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  • Date: February 3, 2022
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Can backsplash tile be installed over wallpaper?

When planning a renovation, there are often many choices to make. Will the new flooring be wood or tile? Should the walls be painted or left as is? One question that may not occur to some homeowners is whether or not their chosen backsplash tile can be installed over wallpaper.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of installing backsplash tile over wallpaper and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home.

Can backsplash tile be installed over wallpaper? No, it is not advisable to use backsplash tile over wallpaper. It is because wallpaper is manufactured with a mesh-like material that allows it to be hung on the wall. When you try to attach tiles over wallpaper, it does not offer an even surface for attaching tile. The edges of the tiles can tear at the paper underneath them and eventually become loose. This problem will only worsen over time as your weight makes the adhesive bond less stable.

Under what scenario tiling over a wallpaper may work?

The best way to determine whether or not you should install backsplash tile over wallpaper is by finding out if there are other layers under the wallpaper.

If there are multiple layers of paint instead of wallpaper, then tiling may work because this scenario would indicate that any previous plaster was likely due to settling or water damage rather than design reasons (like having matching colors).

In this case, the wallpaper can be removed and a competent professional tile installer can determine if your walls are strong enough to support tile.

Removing wallpaper before installing backsplash tile

No matter how many times you remove the old wallpaper from the wall, you’ll probably still have adhesive at some point in time. If there is no other layer under the wallpaper, then applying new layers of adhesive will only result in bubbles or ripples that make it obvious where you patched up your walls.

For this reason, it’s best to completely remove all traces of the previous adhesive before installing tiles.

Alternative ways to install tiles

Use FlexxBatt

If your home is full of odd angles and imaginary lines, using a traditional backsplash installation might not work exactly how you want it to.

There are other ways to get the look of backsplash tile without actually using traditional tile material.

For example, there is a product available on the market called FlexBatt that makes it possible for homeowners to install tiles on the wall without any visible seams or adhesive.

Furthermore, it can be painted in order to fit with your existing color scheme and create the custom design you had in mind.

Use glass tiles

If this sounds like more than what you were expecting, then maybe it’s best to use one of many glass tile options available today.

Just because glass is not made from natural materials doesn’t mean they’re less durable than traditional tiles made out of ceramic or stone like marble and slate. Modern glass tiles come in many styles that mimic the look of natural materials, so you may not be able to tell the difference between glass tiles and their non-glass counterparts.

Moreover, using glass tiles for your backsplash will give you clean lines with no visible seams at all.

There are many different shapes and sizes available, so you can pick out something to reflect your personality while still blending in with the rest of the room. A unique aspect about these tiles is that most manufacturers offer special coatings that let them work just like real slate or marble when it comes to waterproofing properties.

If this sounds like an option that would best suit your needs, then go ahead and start finding a design to buy online today!

Designing your own custom backsplash is made easy thanks to the ability of manufacturers to create custom printed designs that can be shipped directly to your house. Just print out a design you want to use and show it to a professional installer who can help bring your vision into reality!

How do you install tile on a painted wall?

Tile can be installed over any flat surface. When the wall is painted, make sure the paint is dry to touch before applying tiles. If there are parts of the wall which are chipped or peeling, they will need to be fixed with plaster or spackle.

Next, you should remove all electrical plates on that wall and keep them in a safe place till you are done with your tile work.

Now mix up some latex additive with water in a clean bucket and get ready for your backsplash project. Apply this mixture along the top edge of the room using a notched trowel so that it forms a bead of sealant. This edge should line up with where your kitchen counter ends so you have an aesthetically pleasing result.

Prime the surface of the wall with a masonry primer and allow it to dry for about 24 hours. This will ensure that there are no grease or oil marks on your tile from appliances, etc. It is also advisable to use oil-based masonry paint as this will prevent moisture from seeping through the wall and causing problems with mildew.

Now you can begin tiling by applying a layer of thinnest adhesive across the entire area where you will be working using a notched trowel.

Make sure it’s not too thick or thin either – just enough for a light coat that won’t crack when the tiles are pressed into it.

Apply your tiles one at a time in whatever pattern you choose. Once they are in place, begin using the flat part of the trowel to press them into place.

If you have a tub or shower on that wall, then you will need to waterproof it with an appropriate sealant before grouting.

To do this, follow the product instructions carefully and paint on a layer of seam sealer onto your tiles prior to grouting. Go over this with another coat after 24 hours have elapsed.

After 48 hours have passed, apply grout across the entirety of the wall and use a spongy rubber float to spread it around evenly and get rid of all air pockets. Allow for this to dry for up to two days before re-installing any electrical plates or hanging any mirrors etc.

Final thoughts

So, can backsplash tile be installed over wallpaper? Though installing a backsplash tile over wallpaper is technically possible, it is not advisable. Renovating a room can already be an expensive undertaking, and re-inventing the wheel by having to replace your backsplash down the road would only add to that cost.

If you do decide to proceed with this project, then it’s best to remove all traces of adhesive from the wall before laying down any new layers.

In addition, if you’re considering installing tiles over wallpaper due to preexisting damage done by water or settlement from heavy furniture, then double-check whether there are multiple layers under your wallpaper first.

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