Do backsplash tiles need spacers?

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  • Date: February 4, 2022
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Do backsplash tiles need spacers?

Disputes often arise when it comes to backsplash tiles and spacing. Do backsplash tiles need spacers?

There is a big debate on whether or not there should be spacers between these tiles, which can leave homeowners confused and unsure of what they should do.

Do backsplash tiles need spacers? In short, while some people say that backsplash tiles should have at least a few millimeters between the pieces, others say there’s no reason to worry about spacing them apart whatsoever. It doesn’t really make much sense unless they’re falling off the walls without anyone touching them. which doesn’t happen very often at all!

In this blog post, we answer this debate and discuss why some say there should be no spacers, while others claim using spacers is a must.

What’s the difference between normal tiles and backsplash tiles?

Backsplash tiles are slightly different from other tiles because they have to be cut in order to fit the irregular wall spaces around kitchens and bathrooms. It requires a lot of cutting because even though these larger areas may look uniform, they’re not actually uniform at all.

There will be slight variations that require extra attention when you’re going for an organized finish. This can take time, which is why proper spacing is so important.

(Quick tip: To make your tiling project a success, it is critical to have a good knowledge of tile size and thickness as well as the size of tile spacers needed and the best ways to use tile spacers. Check out these super cool guides to know all you need on this subject!)

Do backsplash tiles need spacers? The difference in opinions

Some believe that the space between backsplash tiles should be at least a little bit larger, while others feel that the chances of them falling down are low enough to where this isn’t even an issue.

Homeowners don’t want to end up choosing incorrectly because they’re worried about making a wrong decision one way or another; either by putting too much space in between the tile pieces or none whatsoever.

To get to the bottom of this issue once and for all, let’s dive into the situation further.

Why should backsplash tiles need spacers?

Some people say that there should be at least a little bit of space between these tile pieces, and it’s important to know why.

The spacing is meant to prevent any damage from occurring due to moisture. When water gets behind the tile, it’s able to expand and contract without causing cracks in the grout (which makes sense given how porous grout can be).  

Backsplash tiles will typically get wet when an individual wipes them down or takes out the trash. If you’re not using proper spacing, then there’s a good chance that eventually they’ll fall off and you’ll have a mess on your hands!

Why shouldn’t backsplash tiles need spacers?

There are some people who feel that backsplash tiles should never have any sort of spacing in between them. There are several arguments that go along with this approach to installing these pieces.

One is the risk of moisture damage becoming worse if you keep putting space between them. When water gets behind the tile, it’s not able to expand or contract without causing damage because there’s room for that movement.

The other reason is that if you’re using pre-cut tiles, then they’re going to fit better when they’re closer together. If you use the proper adhesive, the tiles will always stay attached no matter what!

There are some people who say that tiles should be spaced out because it gives them room to “breathe.” This argument seems like it would make sense, but think about your typical wall at home.

Do you ever see cracks between the bricks or gaps in between the cabinets? No, of course not! These are put together tightly, just as backsplash tiles are designed to do. If they’re installed correctly, there really shouldn’t be any need for spacing.

Spacers or not, beware of the moisture!

While there are several arguments on both sides, the one thing that no one can deny is how moisture damage can get to be a serious problem.

If you’re not using proper spacing for these tiles, then it’s worth considering whether or not you should reconsider your decision.

You don’t want to end up paying more money to replace cracked backsplash tiles later on down the road when they could have been prevented with adequate spacing in the first place.

Also, whether you use spacers between your tiles or leave them as close together as possible, just make sure you do something so that backsplash tiles aren’t falling off.

Be aware of what could happen if you’d take precautions against this sort of thing from happening to begin with. Do your research and take care of this issue before it becomes a major problem!

Final verdict

So, do backsplash tiles need spacers? Homeowners should do their research and consider which option would be best for them before they make a purchase.

If you’re worried about spacing tiles or think that tiles don’t need spacers, then there’s no harm in trying out each approach to see what works best.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks by simply putting backsplash tiles close together without using enough space! Doing so can cause problems down the road if moisture damage takes place, not to mention it sounds like a real pain when you have to go back and put more tile pieces up because they fell off one day.

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