How To Cut Glass Tile Around Outlets?

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  • Date: February 3, 2022
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How To Cut Glass Tile Around Outlets?

Glass tiles are a beautiful addition to any home, but cutting them around outlets can be tricky. If you’re not careful, you can easily damage the tile or the outlet.

This blog post will show you how to cut glass tile around outlets safely and efficiently. We’ll also provide some tips for avoiding common mistakes. So if you’re thinking of installing glass tile in your home, be sure to read this blog post first!

So, how to cut glass tile around the outlets? The short answer is, you can do it by either making a template and using it to grind the grout lines if you do not want to make a big hole in the tile or using a utility knife and cutting through the grout line.

For a detailed answer to this question, let’s go through the rest of this article.

2 Reasons Why Cutting Glass Tiles Around Outlet is Difficult

If you’re looking to tile backsplash around outlets, there’s one thing you should know: cutting glass tile around outlets is incredibly tricky. This tends to be the case for several reasons. Some of the major reasons are

1. Glass Tiles Are Thinner Than Standard Tiles:

First of all, there are lots of intricate details in a glass tile. The edges of each tile are much thinner than standard tiles (maybe 1/8″ or even less), which makes them more likely to break when you’re handling them. The fact that they’re so thin also means you can’t secure the tiles in place very well while you cut around the outlet; otherwise, the force will push through and damage the tile.

2. Glass Tiles Are Fragile

Secondly, glass tiles are fragile and break easily. This means you can’t use too much pressure (or even a hard tool like pliers) while you’re handling the tiles or trying to cut them around outlets — otherwise, they’ll crack or shatter without warning.

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3 Methods To Cut Glass Tiles Around Outlets

There are many ways to cut glass tiles around outlets but according to our research there are 3 best ways to do this task and these ways are provided in this article

  1. Glass Scoring Tool
  2. Wet Saw
  3. Heat and Metal snips

How To Cut Glass Tiles Around Outlets Using Glass Scoring Tool?

The first step to cutting glass tile around outlets is to use a glass scoring tool. This is essentially a handheld power tool with a diamond-tipped wheel that makes it quick and easy to cut through the glaze that covers most tiles.

Step 1:

Simply place the scoring head of the tool against the tile and turn it on. Then, drag it carefully along the surface of the tile to score a line along where you want to cut. As long as you haven’t pressed too hard, this will make a clear mark in the glaze without actually scratching or damaging your tiles.

Step 2:

Once you’ve made the line, turn off the tool, but leave it touching the line. Then, take your scoring hammer and gently tap along the scored line until you feel a “click” sound. This means that the tile has broken along the scoreline you drew with your glass scorer. You can then remove the broken piece of tile.

Step 3:

Use this same process to score the rest of your tiles, then gently break them away from the surface. You can use a pair of pliers to pull up on the edges of larger tiles if needed. If you want, you can save yourself some dust by scoring all of your tiles before you start breaking them, then just break the ones that have a line.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to cut around outlets and switches. If your outlet is recessed inside of a box, you will need to remove the cover before proceeding. Then simply place some masking tape over the two screws on either side of the outlet, and use a box cutter to cut through the tape. This will leave you with a clear path for your glass scorer so that it doesn’t accidentally scratch surrounding tiles as you remove them to make room for all of those outlets.

Step 5:

Place the scoring head of the tool against the part of your tile that covers up to one side of the outlet, then turn it on. Drag the head of the tool along that edge until you’ve drawn a line around both sides of the outlet.

Step 6:

Turn off your glass scorer, but keep it touching the scored lines you’ve drawn. Then tap gently with your scoring hammer to break away those pieces of tile, exposing one side of the outlet.

Step 7:

Use your box cutter to cut through the tape over the outlet, then lift off that side and replace it with an electrical cover plate. This will protect the exposed wires from drywall compounds when you apply a border around them later.

Step 8:

Now all you have to do is repeat these same steps to score around the other side of the outlet, then remove both sides.

That should do it! Since you’re only scoring the tile and not scratching or ripping up your tiles, this process leaves an incredibly clean cut around all of your outlets, switches, and anything else that might be in your way. Try out these tips the next time you’re tiling around outlets, and let us know how it works for you!

How To Cut Glass Tiles Around Outlets Using Wet Saw?

The second method to cut glass tiles around the outlet is to use a wet saw. To cut the glass tile around the outlet with a wet saw you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Attach the required blade to the wet saw, most blades are two-sided so you will have a spare on the other side as one gets worn down from cutting. Make sure they are tight as loose blades can fall off as you do your cut which is not only dangerous but often results in damage to your tile or outlet.
  2. Attach the water pump to the reservoir then the saw into it.
  3. Be sure that all exposed metal parts are covered in water as you cut, this includes exposed wire brush attachment on the blade.
  4. Tape up your outlets with masking tape so they are protected from being drenched with water during the cutting process. Use painter’s tape if you have it as it does not damage the surface it is stuck to.
  5. A safety measure for any wet saw is a circuit breaker that will trip if the water pump system fails, be sure to test this before cutting your glass tile around outlets.
  6. Make sure you have heavy-duty rubber gloves on, safety goggles, and protective clothing due to the water and chemicals involved.
  7. Keeping the wet saw on the tile as it spins will cause it to become hot, you may want to work in sections and cut tiles with each rotation of blades then let it cool down before replacing another tile for cutting.
  8. Once the water pump runs dry during your glass tile around outlets cut with a wet saw you will need to call in a professional to assess the damage and repair or replace the pump.
  9. Once you have cut your tile with a wet saw, remove any excess glue around the outlet with an Exacto knife or putty knife then press into place for full coverage.

How To Cut Glass Tiles Around Outlets Using Angle Grinder with Diamond Blade?

The third method is simply by using an angle grinder with a diamond blade. This can be a little difficult and dangerous but is effective in cutting through glass tile around outlets.

  1. Add water to the dry diamond blade, this will help cool it down while you cut and prevent overheating which could result in damage to your saw or tile.
  2. Tape up your outlet then begins cutting by holding the grinder firmly in place and moving it slowly along the edge of your tile to get a clean line.
  3. Keep the grinder in one spot, don’t try to pry or force it off with a fast motion as this can chip the cut edges you’ve made.
  4. If it starts chipping, be sure to stop immediately, turn off the grinder, and let it cool down before trying again with a new tile section.
  5. When you have finished the cut, clean the edges of your glass tile with an Exacto knife or putty knife then press into place for full coverage.

Cutting Glass Tiles Around Outlets Using Heat-and-Metal Snips Method

There’s a tried-and-true method that works well for cutting glass tiles around outlets: heat and metal snips. The following steps will help you cut the glass tiles around the outlet on your own at home.

  1. Lay down the tile where you want it to go first on top of a layer of thick paper. This may be on top of newspaper or trash bags, for instance. Tiles are very sharp, so using something soft as padding is essential.
  2. Using a heat gun or hairdryer, apply heat to one of the tiles on its backside for about 30 seconds. Some tiles may require more time if they are thicker than others. Use only enough heat so that you can see it is warm to the touch but not hot.
  3. Turn over the tile and begin to peel off the back. Only use your fingers to do this because using tools will likely scratch the tile or break it.
  4. Begin working on one side of the tile by peeling off a few inches at a time and laying down the excess paper to hold it in place, but make sure you never pull up more than is already laying down.
  5. Once the tile is completely peeled off, cut around the edges of the outlet using metal snips. It will be easier to do this if you are working on a tile that has not already been heated in some way because it will remain rigid while you are cutting it rather than becoming pliable. If your tiles have already been heated, you will need to use more care as they can bend or warp as you cut.
  6. Use a file or grinder to smooth the edges of the glass tile where it has been cut around the outlet.


We all know that glass tiles are beautiful and durable, but cutting them around outlets can be a challenge. The three methods we described in the article should help you cut your tile without damaging it or yourself. If none of these techniques work for you, contact an expert to assess whether there is any way to make this happen safely at home.

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