What size backsplash tile for small kitchen?

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  • Date: February 4, 2022
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What size backsplash tile for small kitchen?

In a small kitchen, every inch of space is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo a backsplash!

And in case you are planning to install backsplash tiles in your questions you might wonder what size backsplash tile for small kitchen?

Many small tile sizes are available that will perfectly fit your limited space. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best size of backsplash tiles for a small kitchen.

We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the right tiles and installation method. So read on to learn more!

So, what size backsplash tile for small kitchen? It is possible to choose mosaic tiles with the following dimensions:

  • 20-inch by 20-inch
  • 18-inch by 18-inch
  • 16-inch by 16 inch
  • 14 x14 inches

This will work well with most kitchens but if your kitchen is 12 x12 or smaller then it might create a cramped feeling so this won’t be a good idea. Keep in mind that there must be at least 1 foot of space between each of these tiles without grout lines, which means that if your wall area is 100 square feet then you will need at least 15 tile backsplashes.

What factors determine the size of the tiles for your kitchen?

Generally speaking, the kitchen backsplash tile size is chosen according to the size of the kitchen. However, there are also some other factors that need to be considered when choosing a backsplash tile.

The material for backsplash tile

One thing you should consider is what kind of material you want for your backsplash tile. This can determine how big or small you can go with the size of the tiles.

If you choose ceramic, glass, or natural stone tiles as your backsplash tiles then it will require grouting and there must be large spaces between each of these materials because they cannot fit together as mosaic tiles do so it will not look good if there is no space in-between them.

If you choose mosaic tiles, you will have a lot of options, because it allows for a varied thickness and different sizes. So from this point of view, mosaic tiles are great for small kitchens.

Quick Tip: Here are some of our most comprehensive guides on whether you need tile spacers, how to choose tile spacers, how to use tile spacers as well as choosing the best tile thickness for your tiling project.

Mosaic tile for backsplash

When you choose mosaic tile as your backsplash, another important thing to keep in mind is whether or not it will require grouting. Grout can be a good finish for the mosaic tiles but if you want something different and do not require grout then it might be better to select a glass subway tile backsplash which will give you good results without any need to grout.

If the purpose of your backsplash is also to protect your walls from splashes and spills then subway tiles can be an excellent choice because they are resistant to water.

How do I know what size tile backsplash to buy?

The best way to get the tile size right is to take some measurements of your kitchen walls.

Use a measuring tape or ruler and measure both vertical and horizontal dimensions of your wall area, write them down. Since backsplash tiles are relatively small in size then it will not be difficult for you to easily find matching pieces.

Now that you know how big or small they can go according to your measurement, choose the mosaic tile backsplash with the closest sizes between tiles.

Of course, keep in mind that if you want an equal space between each tile then all of them should be similar in size but this is very unlikely since most manufacturers make use of random cuts which means varied thicknesses and sizes when manufacturing their products.

When shopping around for backsplash tiles, look for mosaic tiles that are 12 inches by 12 inches for an average kitchen.

What do different backsplash tile sizes mean?

When you see the numbers 12 x 12 it means that each of these backsplash tiles is 1-foot square or 1 square foot i.e. equal to 144 square inches.

So if your wall area is around 100 square feet then you will need at least 10 mosaic tiles measuring 12 inches by 12 inches each to completely cover your wall surface with no space left behind.

The same principle applies if the number is 15 x 15 i.e. 225 square inches but make sure that there aren’t any grout lines in between or else it might ruin the overall look of your kitchen especially if you want a modern and sleek look.

Mosaic tiles will not only give your kitchen a trendy look but are also easy to clean and maintain.

Prepare the backsplash area by using a joint compound or any other drywall compound to cover up all areas where you are going to install your new mosaic tile backsplash design because it will be much easier to do so before installing the tiles.

Before starting your installation, always remember that applying pressure to grout lines shouldn’t be done because it might cause hairline cracks which means that placing heavy objects on them is also not recommended.

Always start from one end of the wall and work towards the other side without stopping, this way you can avoid cutting tiles in half since most of these have different thicknesses.

When purchasing the mosaic tile backsplash always shop for high-quality tiles, don’t go with low grades because they might not have a uniform color and pattern.

Different manufacturers use different materials to make their products so it is important to read reviews before buying your product just in case you are allergic to certain materials or if there are other people inside your home who will be using these backsplash tiles.

If you meet any problems while installing your new ceramic backsplash tiles then consult an expert for help, do not try to tinker with them yourself because it could cause serious damage.

How do you make a small kitchen look bigger with tiles?

Kitchen tiles can do a lot to make your small kitchen look bigger and more spacious.

A big mistake that people often make is using too much furniture in their kitchens, this usually makes them feel cramped and uncomfortable.

The usual solution to this problem is buying bigger cabinets and cupboards but it can be very expensive especially if you already have these appliances at home.

One way to make your tiny kitchen appear big is by painting the walls with lighter colors because it makes them look taller this way. But if your stove and sink area is made of shiny metals, you might want to paint or cover this part with wallpaper or fabric so that dirt and dust will not cling onto it as much as before.

Another way to make your kitchen look more spacious is by installing larger tiles or mosaics on your walls, flooring, and backsplash area because it will make any surface seem like it goes on forever.

A small kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of big tiles; they simply give off a more modern appeal which makes them look sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

(Bonus Tip: Planing a kitchen tiling project? Don’t forget to check our guide on how far down to tile behind stove.)

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